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The Mannatech Movement

Chances are good that someone you know first introduced you to Mannatech’s products.

You see, unlike many consumer brands that rely on big advertising budgets or fancy in-store displays to promote its products, Mannatech depends upon a network of independent brand ambassadors to share its message. These Mannatech Associates are all customers who have gone beyond simply enjoying Mannatech products to become eligible for rewards for sharing something they love.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Why not give it a try?

    4 Steps to a Healthy Business


    Use Mannatech products to support a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy the special discounts designed for our customers.


    Use our eCommerce platforms and your personal enthusiasm to share Mannatech products and your experiences. 


    Show others how they can earn when they influence others to also purchase Mannatech products. You become eligible to earn more.


    Grow a Mannatech business in accordance to how you desire to use your time!